What Is Evidence

What is Evidence, Why you need it, and How to use it to make better healthcare decisions.

This video will teach you what a percentage is, how it is calculated and misrepresented in health care, and how these numbers can save your life when making an informed decision. Read full blog!

Learn to use the Doctor Evidence Platform!

How can patients receive the wrong treatment? What is the difference between Opinions and Evidence? What is the receipt for best health care? Find out here in our Show Me The Evidence “documercial.” Read full blog!

Join Helen on her journey to learn the 6 most important concepts of using Evidence!

Your doctor most likely does NOT use evidence! If they don’t use evidence, what do they use? How do YOU know if you’re getting the best treatment or not? Watch and find out…

Dr. Todd went to a local magazine stand to see if he could find any evidence in the first 3 health magazines he picked up.  Read full blog!

Dive into the evidence frontline with Dr. Todd!  Read full blog!

Continue diving deeper into Doctor Evidence and meet some of your data analysts! Read full blog here!

We invite you all to become skeptics and ask for evidence for everything. Fall into the mind of Dr. Todd, evidence guru, as he questions the world before his eyes. Read full blog!

Although this not an original production by Show Me The Evidence, it is an example of how one can make evidence entertaining and fun to learn.

This is a great video by TED Ed., created by David H. Schwartz.

Dr. Todd and congressional candidate Matt Miller tackle numerous hot topics and health care questions. Read full blog!