Framing Your Question

Framing your Evidence question in the PICO format!

This is the first step you will need to take once you decide you want evidence and you don’t want to rely on opinions any longer (congratulations!)  You most likely have a medical question, and in the interest of getting the best and most focused evidence that pertains to you and your unique medical condition, you will need to frame your question.  This video will teach you about the PICO method, which will help you with framing your question to ensure that you get the right evidence.

Before everything the best thing you can be is curious.  Ask questions!  See what we mean as you step inside the mind of a true evidence guru in this video:

More videos currently in production! If you still have questions about framing your evidence question, or about the PICO method, feel free to contact us to and we can get an evidence analyst to help you through that process.  To reach us, use the contact form on our contact page!