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Last week, I asked if you have ever asked your doctor for evidence. For example, when your doctor prescribed a medication for you, did you ask how many patients, like yourself, have taken this drug and what percentage had a good or bad outcome? Did you ask your surgeon how […]

Difference Between Evidence & Opinions

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One of the main missions of Show Me The Evidence is to initiate a Paradigm shift in our culture.  A culture that is used to being passive and letting others tell us how to live, what to eat, and what treatments to get or drugs to take, without questioning or demanding that […]

The Evidence Paradigm Shift

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Read the following if you want to learn how to get the most relevant facts/data/evidence about the treatment your doctor is prescribing for you.  This evidence (that comes from clinical trials) is the data that determines whether or not you are getting the right treatment.  This evidence will tell you […]

Using the PICO Method to get Evidence

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“Show Me The Evidence” is all about asking for the evidence for any health related scenario whether it be in a clinic, hospital, supermarket, health expo, or bookstore.  But we aren’t the only ones who are asking questions and demand to see the truth.  We found people all over the […]

What Evidence Do You Want To See?

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What is it like to spend a day in the life of, who we consider, the Evidence guru, Dr. Todd Feinman?  For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Todd is the CMO & Founder of The Qure and Doctor Evidence. Both companies are dedicated to getting real evidence back […]

Being Todd Feinman

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By now you probably have a pretty good idea of who we are and what we are trying to do.  We are the “evidence” tribe!  We have been called the “avatars of evidence,” the “evidence whisperers,” the “Robin Hood of evidence” (we take evidence from those that have it and […]

Who is “Show Me The Evidence”?

What you’re about to read and watch could potentially save your life, help you get the best treatment, or avoid an unnecessary treatment. You often see health care advertisements that say things like “Drug A is 60% more effective than Drug B” or Lipitor reduced the risk of heart attack up […]

Why Percentages Can Be Misleading In Health Care

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SMTE CHALLENGE! Go to your book shelf or go to a bookstore and pick up one health care book. Now look inside and find any health care claim that catches your eye (which shouldn’t be hard to find in any health care book.) Claims come in many shapes and sizes.  […]

Can You Find Evidence in Your Health Care Books?

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Please do not misinterpret this title or our position.  We know that millions of patients every day get the right diagnosis and/or treatment from their personal physicians.  But we also know, based on research and testimonials, that some patients do get the wrong diagnosis and/or treatment.  In many of these […]

5 Reasons Why You Might Not Get The Best Healthcare

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If you’ve never heard the term “Defensive Medicine” before, listen up!  Defensive medicine is a major factor contributing to America’s health care crisis. What is “defensive medicine”? In 1994 the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment gave this definition: (Yes, this has been going on for 20 years now!!) “Defensive medicine […]

Defensive Medicine and Your Wallet

Although, the elderly often experience the greatest number of medical problems, young adults have their fair share of medical stories. Myself for example- I was 28 years old when I had a small stroke that caused a whole slew of complications.  That experience was enlightening on many different levels.  I […]

Sharing Personal Health Stories

All claims.  No Evidence.
How many times have you flipped through a magazine and come across an advertisement or article that makes claims about how a vitamin, drug, surgery, or nutritional/exercise program will improve your health?  Probably over 90% of the time.  Probably every time you open up a health, lifestyle, or beauty magazine. […]

Can We Trust Magazine Claims?