Are you asking your doctor for evidence yet? Did your doctor recommend a medication for you and you responded with, “How many patients have taken this drug for this condition and what % had a good or a bad outcome?” Did you ask your surgeon how many patients he operated […]

Patient Evidence Project- Prostate Cancer

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Last week, I asked if you have ever asked your doctor for evidence. For example, when your doctor prescribed a medication for you, did you ask how many patients, like yourself, have taken this drug and what percentage had a good or bad outcome? Did you ask your surgeon how […]

Difference Between Evidence & Opinions

My name is Dr. Todd Feinman, and I have dedicated my career over the last 12 years trying to get consumers to use evidence every time they are given a recommendation or hear a claim from a doctor (or any expert.)  As a medical director and hospital-based physician, I enjoyed […]

A Message from Dr. Todd

There is a strong ritual and tradition in this country, and in every clinic and hospital: The doctor tells you what the problem is, prescribes a treatment, and the patient does what the doctor says.  That’s what we expect and that’s what we pay for.  What’s not common is asking […]

Supply and Demand