Who is “Show Me The Evidence”?

By now you probably have a pretty good idea of who we are and what we are trying to do.  We are the “evidence” tribe!  We have been called the “avatars of evidence,” the “evidence whisperers,” the “Robin Hood of evidence” (we take evidence from those that have it and get it to those who do not.)  Our mission is to get the evidence to the people.

We have witnessed the power of evidence to help real sick patients get better health care. Patients have used evidence to avoid unnecessary dangerous tests or treatments, to identify the best surgeon, to chose the most effective and safest medication, and to figure out the cause of their symptoms or disease.

We want you to use medical evidence, with your doctors, to make better and more informed health care decisions.  We hope that everyone with a health care question or problem will demand evidence from health care providers, public health experts, journalists, and government officials.  Simple right?  Yeah, right…  We know our mission will end up on a “long and winding road,” but we so strongly believe in the power of evidence to change the world that we will continue in this mission until everyone is saying SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE.

To sum this all up we put together this introductory video, which we hope will help you understand everything related to our cause.  In addition, we will be introducing you to one of the main characters in our video and documentary series, Dr. Todd, who not only shares our vision but has dedicated his career (and savings) to creating a technology solution that will enable anyone to use real evidence to answer any health care question.

This is our first video, and self proclaimed “Documercial.”  Why “Documercial”? This video is a hybrid of a documentary that objectively educates and an infomercial that supports our position.

The video takes you through the 5 reasons why you might not get the best health care, and begs the question, “Why are we addicted to Opinions?”  It then goes on to explain what evidence is and how we use it in our daily lives, except in health care.

Join our mission. Support our videos. Take the SMTE vow right now.  Repeat after us: “From this day forward I will no longer accept opinions as fact, and will demand that every expert (including my own doctor) SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE!”


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