Interview with Doctor Evidence- Podcast

It’s finally here!  Our first Podcast.

In this first episode of the Show Me The Evidence Podcast we meet the SMTE team: Nathan Edmondson, Erin Davis, and Dr. Todd Feinman.  We interview Dr. Todd, and he shares with us the story of why he turned-in his stethoscope for a computer, in order to create 2 companies, with his 2 partners, that would convert our society from being “opinion-based” to “evidence-based.”

In addition, we tackle questions and topics around all things health care and evidence: What is evidence, how to use it, who uses it, who does not use it, and more.

Episode 2 Sneak Peak:  We will discuss the growing concerns about Ebola, and talk with our first outside guest, congressional candidate Matt Miller.

About Show Me The Evidence

SMTE’s mission is to expose America’s dependence on “expert” opinions, empower patients to ask questions and be their own advocate, and to help make medical evidence fun and easy to understand. We strongly believe that if people begin to demand evidence, many of the burdens of our current health care system can be lifted.

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