What Evidence Do You Want To See?

“Show Me The Evidence” is all about asking for the evidence for any health related scenario whether it be in a clinic, hospital, supermarket, health expo, or bookstore.  But we aren’t the only ones who are asking questions and demand to see the truth.  We found people all over the country and asked them, “What health related Evidence Do You Want To See?”

The first step to converting our society from one that is “opinion based” to one that is “evidence based,” is encouraging people to ask important questions. For example what is the evidence that:

  • Cell phones cause brain tumors?
  • Vaccines really prevent diseases like cervical cancer?
  • Vitamins prevent any diseases like Alzhiemers?
  • Organic fruits are safer to eat?
There are thousands of questions out there that beg for evidence.  Here are your choices:
  1. Continue to listen and follow the advice of experts and risk getting an answer that conflicts with the truth (the evidence.)
  2. Say “Show Me The Evidence” and rely on real data to confirm whether or not the expert opinion in question is reliable.
I bet your children would expect you to rely on evidence.  When we all start demanding evidence, the experts, including those in the health care industry, will be forced to deliver the data.

If we were to approach you on the street, what evidence question would you ask us? Check out what other people asked:

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